Wifi is Kathmandu is a touchy subject. In general, most places have poor and unreliable wifi that cuts out often. Granted, it’s not always their fault. But for tourists who are used to good internet, you may find yourself miserable.

Never fear, I’m here to save you. After staying in Kathmandu for 1 month, I have found a few places with fairly reliable internet. Keep in mind that even these places may not be what you’re used to, but you can easily get work done, upload photos to Facebook, and download offline Netflix videos!

Best Wifi

  1. Himalayan Java Cafe

    – Pros: Great coffee / food / drinks, comfortable environment
    – Cons: Not open very late, $$

  2. Black Olives Cafe

    – Pros: Lots of food / drinks, $
    – Cons: Not open very late, not as comfortable as a work environment

  3. Cafe De’ Fire

    – Pros: Open very late, comfortable environment
    – Cons: Not much room, $$

Do you know of other places with good wifi? Feel free to comment!

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