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My First Impression of Countries Around the World

Traveling is unique in that you get to experience other cultures firsthand. How do people behave? What foods do they eat? What values do they hold?

During my travels, I’ve noticed distinct differences that I will share. Seeing what other people value around the world continues to inspire me, and I hope it does the same for you.

Disclaimer: These are my personal impressions based on the cities I’ve been to. Keep in mind these may vary within the country.



The first thing I noticed in France was the diversity. There is a large presence of African, Middle Eastern, and European cultures. Unlike other places in the world, they seem to embrace this and remain open to people’s religion and ethnicity.


The French language is absolutely amazing. It is a very beautiful and romantic language, and the accents are icing on the cake. Even when they speak English, it’s music to the ears. If you’re looking to impress, try learning French. Parlez-vous français?


France is full of history. In Paris, specifically, you can find world-class sites and museums to satisfy your history cravings. Cathedrals, palaces, paintings, sculptures, and more.


Food / Drinks

Let me tell you, the Irish know how to live. Great food and pubs (lots of pubs) contribute to their seemingly effortless lifestyle. They aren’t afraid to eat good meals and drink the night away. Ireland is arguably my new favorite country.


Walk through Dublin at 1am and you can hear dance music, folk music, and random Irishman singing the night away.


Take a drive through Ireland and you’ll see beautiful green hills, majestic cliffs, and calm oceans. Also, did you know that a group of lobbyists got leprechauns approved under EU law as an endangered species?



From the cashier at Baskin-Robbins to the monks in Koyasan, it is clear that the Japanese people are very respectful. They will go out of their way to provide exceptional service and help you however they can, even with language barriers. This is even more evident in they way they regard their elders.


Walk through the streets of Tokyo and you can see.. the streets of Tokyo. I was amazed at how little trash there was and how tidy the Japanese people are.


I was surprised at how the Japanese people love and embrace their culture. You can see Japanese women walking down the streets in kimonos, young teens reading in Anime stores, friends singing and drinking in karaoke bars, and people relaxing nude in onsens. Some people look oddly upon these, but having done all of these things, I can tell you that they know how to live.

I will continue updating this list as I visit more places. If you have any thoughts, share them below!

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